Elsa Kostic. Don't Wake Me - © Elsa Kostic
Elsa Kostic. Don't Wake Me - © Elsa Kostic 
Young Energies - PARIS/BXL

18/10/2023 - 10/12/2023

Quai de la Photo 
Centre d'Art photographique 
9 port de la Gare 
75013 Paris


The “Young Energies - PARIS/BXL” exhibition brings together 6 young artists from Paris and Brussels. Through unique artistic universes, often imbued with pop culture, fashion and hip-hop, it is here a question of multiple identities and of experiments. Bathed in digital culture and strong in an assumed collective and family memory, these young artists play in an uninhibited manner with the codes of traditional photography. From Paris to Brussels, young energies are there, the future is here!