wework, diptych, 2021
wework, diptych, 2021 
you, tomorrow

19/10/2023 - 18/11/2023


Written on a large window, in boldly printed letters, are the words ‘many faces of change’. Lush vegetation is reflected in the window. As the image slowly glides onward, the camera evidently takes us to sunlit trees and bushes lining the inner street of a modern building. Further on, words appear on another window: ‘let’s change the way we live’. In her new film Passage II (you, tomorrow) Emma van der Put directs the lens at Tour & Taxis, originally a 19th-century industrial area, situated along the Brussels Canal. The district had long been marked by poverty and social problems, but it is now a place in transition. Developers use their flashy one-liners here to tempt people into renting commercial or living space in what they call ‘A Covered City in the most upcoming neighbourhood of Brussels’.