Yorgo Alexopoulos, courtesy Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery
Yorgo Alexopoulos, courtesy Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery 

Yorgo Alexopoulos - Conjugated Gradients

26/04/2018 - 23/06/2018

505 West 24 Street 
10011 New York


Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery presents Conjugated Gradients, its second exhibition of work by Los Angeles-based artist, Yorgo Alexopoulos.
In Conjugated Gradients, Alexopoulos composes and choreographs sui generis animations of liquid color in a persistent state of flux and dissolution. Clusters of varied hues and tonalities endlessly morph and recombine to suggest a decision-making process which is intuitive yet definitive, straddling both calculated risk and willful intention to arrive at a uniquely personal abstract language.