Tomosu  By Yamamoto Masao
Tomosu By Yamamoto Masao 
Yamamoto Masao Tomosu

09/09/2023 - 28/10/2023

Zirkstraat 20 
2000 Antwerpen   

Gallery FIFTY ONE is pleased to present the fourth solo exhibition of Japanese photographer Yamamoto Masao (°1957). In ‘Tomosu’ the artist shows new work, including a selection of photographs created using the nineteenth century Ambrotype process. The title of the exhibition is Japanese for ‘to illuminate, to turn on a small light in the darkness’.

”I photograph small and beautiful things that I encounter in my daily life. I would be happy if my photographs reach you and become a small light in your heart.”

Yamamoto’s oeuvre has undeniably evolved over the past decade. He became known for his small prints – delicate objects that fit in the palm of ones hand or wallet so they could be carried around like a talisman – but in recent years his photographs have undergone an increase in scale. Whereas in earlier exhibitions his prints were mounted directly on the wall in meandering constellations in which each image was part of a larger story, the works are now more self-contained and the physical relation between the viewer and the photographic object has somewhat shifted to the background. However, the basic thought of Yamamoto’s artistic vision – the connection with nature and the attention to the subtle things that surround us and tell us more about elements of the universe that are invisible to us – have remained the same.