©  Yasutaka Kojima
© Yasutaka Kojima 

Unconscious | Berlin - Yasutaka Kojima

09/09/2019 - 05/10/2019

Ginsho bldg.6F, 4-9-5 Ginza, 
104-0061 Tokyo


Akio Nagazawa gallery presents the exhibition Unconscious | Berlin by Yasutaka Kojima.
Kojima has already documented three cities: Tokyo, New York, and Berlin. In his series of Tokyo and New York he took a bird’s-eye view to portray the structures of these chaotic metropolises and compare these two cities. In these works there is sparse and fragmentary information whereby you can imagine where the images are taken. Compared with them, the Berlin series is shot at eye level; its visual language is flat and minimal. There is almost no element identifying Berlin.