Photo from the exhibition © Gregory Copitet
Photo from the exhibition © Gregory Copitet 

Un Bruit sourd précède le silence - Sylvain Ciavaldini

14/02/2019 - 30/03/2019

Galerie SATOR 
8, passage des gravilliers 
(Enter by le 10 rue Chapon) 
75003 Paris

"Rich, the image is not immediately captured by my eyes. In front of what am I encamped? A retouched photograph? A drawing ? What is he referring to ...? Undoubtedly to a collapsed architecture, to the remains of a wounded humanity. But why ? The war ? A natural disaster ? Or simply time and forgetfulness? And what are these enigmatic forms that come to structure the image, to cut out the composition? Let's take the time".
In the 1990s, Sylvain Ciavaldini began to take an interest in the status of the artist, a question that led him to question the origins of creation, the scope of the gesture, the genesis and the future of form. Fecundes, his research materializes in two dimensions, through painting or drawing, to sometimes get out of their flatness to incarnate in space, in three dimensions.