Ulrich Wüst – ZWISCHENRÄUME 1978–1989

04/04/2023 - 15/04/2023

Potsdamer Strasse 63 
10785 Berlin


LOOCK Galerie is pleased to announce the solo exhibition ZWISCHENRÄUME 1978–1989 by Ulrich Wüst as part of EMOP Berlin 2023. The 50 images in Wüst’s celebrated black-and-white series depict geographical and social spaces from a seemingly distant point of view and, at times, come close to romanticizing their subjects. Through his series, Wüst, who spent more than a decade photographing East Germany, with both clarity and immediacy, underscores the various ways of living—many of which differed from official expectations—in the GDR. In this spirit, the landscapes and portraits convey the idea of creating a personal haven in between spaces, a sense of belonging, either by escaping to the countryside, retreating into the private sphere, or by celebrating the preciousness of the ordinary. The unique and lyrical atmosphere is enriched even further by the northern light gleaming above all of it. Especially against the compositional rigor and almost analytical approach to photography, for which Wüst is commonly known for in his other works, the level of intimacy and warmth in ZWISCHENRÄUME 1978–1989 stands out.