"The Star Tease", 1975 @ Susan Meiselas, 2023
"The Star Tease", 1975 @ Susan Meiselas, 2023 
Transformations: American Photographs from the 1970s

15/01/2024 - 07/07/2024

Philadelphia Museum of Art 
2600 Benjamin Franklin Parkway 
PA 19130 Philadelphia


The 1970s witnessed an unprecedented explosion of interest and activity around photography, and was a hub for wildly varying conceptions of what photography could look like, how it could be used, and what it could stand for. On one hand, the 1970s were an apex of traditional black and white darkroom photography, as artists who had worked in relative obscurity were suddenly thrust into the spotlight. But it was also the end of an era, as younger photographers began experimenting with mediums, formats, and conceptual approaches that defied established modes of photographic art. This exhibition offers an exciting overview of this diverse and energetic era.