Tomasz Machciński, Untitled, 2002
Tomasz Machciński, Untitled, 2002 
Tomasz Machciński: American Dream, I Made it All Because of You

14/09/2024 - 10/11/2024

Christian Berst Art Brut 
3-5 passage des gravilliers 
75003 Paris   

Created in collaboration with the Tomasz Machciński Foundation, the first solo show dedicated to Tomasz Machciński at the Christian Berst Art Brut Gallery features his photographic self-portraits and covers five decades of his artistic practice, which until now had remained private. The artist’s entire life has been nurtured by the American dream and fueled by two powerful illusions that have given meaning to his life: the magic of the screen and the perpetual quest for true love.