Thomas Chable, Chiré, Ethiopie, 2013. ©Thomas Chable
Thomas Chable, Chiré, Ethiopie, 2013. ©Thomas Chable 
Thomas Chable. Au-dessus des nuages (Above the clouds)

03/02/2024 - 26/05/2024

Musée de la Photographie 
Place des Essarts 
11, avenue Paul Pastur 
6032 Charleroi   

A photographer of here and elsewhere, Thomas Chable has travelled to a number of countries, mainly in Africa. Moving away from the purely documentary, Thomas Chable travels with an open mind, he immerses himself in places, lights, materials and atmospheres. In just over thirty years of photography, he has put Africa at the heart of his work. Among his most important series are Odeurs d’Afrique (Smells of Africa), a journey along the river Niger, and Brûleurs (Burners), a substantial body of work produced in Morocco, Niger, France and Belgium that centres on people who wish to cross the border into Europe clandestinely via the Straits of Gibraltar. In recent years, Thomas Chable has taken a greater interest in Ethiopia, where, once again, old friendships and new chance encounters guided him on his journey. Au-dessus des nuages (Above the clouds) is a selection from various series, mixing earlier and more recent works by the photographer.