Connecting to the Infinite II, 1985
Connecting to the Infinite II, 1985 
Desire for Extravagance, 1983
Portrait of Julian Latrobe,  1991


11/08/2022 - 24/09/2022

Fahey / Klein Gallery 
148 North La Brea 
CA 90036 
 Los Angeles   

The Fahey/Klein Gallery presents Theophanies, an exhibition of works by multidisciplinary California artist Steven Arnold. The exhibition has been curated as a limited retrospective of Arnold’s surrealist tableau photographs, supported by a small selection of drawings, paintings, sculpture, and films. Theophanies features previously unseen photographs and includes an installation inspired by Arnold’s elaborate Los Angeles-based Zanzabar Studio.

Steven Arnold’s work engages themes of spirituality and sexuality, often with great humor, while referencing traditional world religious iconographies and philosophies. Through his tableau photographs, films, sculptures, and drawings, Arnold explored myth and mystery, androgyny and beauty, humor and artifice, life and mortality. His intricate black and white photographs showcase the artist’s reimagined gods, goddesses, spirit guides and archetypes – slowly revealing an infinite number of subtleties, inviting a deeper dive into Arnold’s personal mythology.