Andrew Phelps & Paul Kranzler
Andrew Phelps & Paul Kranzler 

The Drake Equation - Andrew Phelps & Paul Kranzler

26/05/2018 - 28/07/2018

Linienstraße 107 
10115 Berlin   

Robert Morat gallery presents The Drake Equation.
The "National Radio Quiet Zone" was established in the 1950s in the state of Virginia. There are no radio or TV broadcasts and cell phones do not work - no radio wave is to disturb the grotesque, huge telescopes in their search for traces of extraterrestrial life. Photographers Andrew Phelps and Paul Kranzler visit a place where a bizarre mixture of people lives together: the rural population of a provincial town, the highly specialized scientists of the research facility and city dwellers fleeing electromagnetic fields, electro-sensitive civilization