©René Groebli, The Eye of Love, White Blouse, Paris, 1952
©René Groebli, The Eye of Love, White Blouse, Paris, 1952 

The Magic Eye - René Groebli

01/03/2020 - 21/03/2020

Stauffacherquai 56 
8004 Zurich


Bildhalle presents The Magic Eye by René Groebli. This photography book is the first-ever presentation of René Groebli’s pictures spanning a good half-century. The photographs are not arranged in strict chronological order, but rather represent what might be called a lyrical response to René Groebli’s approach, for his perception of the world is as much felt as it is seen. It is a feast for the eyes when the lifework of this artist and photographer passes in review. Every picture of this artist is a remembrance of lived time. An outstanding, astonishing oeuvre has accumulated in the course of his life. This publication bears witness. An enchanted world, page after page. It reveals René Groebli as a magician with the camera and the camera as his magic eye.