Slater Bradley New Jerusalem Gates & the Cloud Phoenix

17/03/2023 - 22/04/2023

1260 Copenhagen   

A recurring rhetorical question: Can the magnetism of a highly energized or sacred place be transferred directly through the photographic data and subsequent painterly intervention in a hybridized art object?

I went to an Episcopalian school in San Francisco as a boy, and the fables of Jerusalem captured my imagination. Years ago, I understood the Gates of the Holy City to be metaphors for the Chakra energy systems of the physical body and auric field, the culmination of the Spiritual Journey being the purification and divine alignment of those Gates within.

The “New Jerusalem Gates” are indeed a psychedelic twin to the first series “The Gates of Many Colors”. A veiled allusion to the Biblical prophecy of the Third Temple and New Jerusalem, the hallucinatory colors of the New Gates point to the activation of an Open Third Eye, the Ajna chakra representing Aquarius, and the supernatural abilities of astral travel.

The Cloud Phoenix, an archetypal symbol revealed to me by Spirit above the Aegean Sea, refers to this interdimensional travel and rebirth of the 2160 year cycle of the Age of Aquarius that is upon us, as activated by the Winter Solstice alignment.