© Sissi Farassat, Room 103, 2019
© Sissi Farassat, Room 103, 2019 

Sissi Farassat

30/09/2021 - 27/11/2021

21 rue Las Cases 
75007 Paris


In camera galerie is very pleased to present for the first time the work of the Iranian Vienna based-artist Sissi Farassat. 
Her works are largely autobiographical and often reveal her personal history through a unique combination of influences of Persian and Viennese art and design. She began her work with altering her own expired passports, embellishing them with sequins and beadwork, again repurposing the passport from its original use to a unique artwork. Since then, Farassat has used either intimate self-portraits, or casual snapshots of her friends and close acquaintance. She takes needle and thread to each print, and hand-stitches thousands of crystals, beads, and sequins, transforming the photograph into a type of tapestry. The images are neither staged nor formally posed, but are always seductive and somewhat mysterious. 
The exhibition gathers about fifteen prints and is on view until the 27th of November 2021.