18/11/2023 - 02/12/2023

V1 Gallery 

Marco Paul Lorenzetti’s new body of work explores our current relationship to the natural world and address an unequivocal need for realigning with nature’s irreplicable value. For this suite of paintings, the point of departure is the urgent adoption of an ecology of interconnectedness. A notion only amplified by the pandemics and climate disruption that so characterizes the Anthropocene.
Moreover, Lorenzetti’s yearlong exploration of the formal and immaterial qualities of Henri Matisse’s painting Verdure / Nymph in the Forest (1935 – 1943) catalyzed a broader investigation into the depiction of trees, forests, and human figures. This inquiry encompassed works like Caroll Dunham’s Tree series and Edvard Munch’s various versions of Mot Skogen (Towards the Forest). Engaging in this painterly dialogue aided Lorenzetti with creating the works presented in Signs of Fall and let him lean into a more painterly and free articulation within the work. By working more intuitively and releasing the constraints of a subject-object duality, gestures, colours, composition and content seem to become one.