Andre Lützen, "Aufnahme Studio in Marseille Generation Buol Fale", 1997-2001
Andre Lützen, "Aufnahme Studio in Marseille Generation Buol Fale", 1997-2001 

Shift: Music, Meaning, Context

15/05/2023 - 06/08/2023

Museum of Contemporary Photography (MoCP) 
600 S Michigan Ave 
IL 60605 Chicago   

Shift: Music, Meaning, Context explores how music changes in form and interpretation as it moves across time, bodies, and place. Folk songs are used for propaganda, pop hits are deployed as tools of torture, and cultural origins are erased – or reinvested – in particular songs, instruments, and genres. At the same time, music can also become a site of play, serendipity, and healing. This exhibition combines video, sound, and photography to transform the museum’s galleries into a unique choral mélange.
The exhibiting artists for Shift include: Bani Abidi, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Tony Cokes, Jeremy Deller, Hassan Hajjaj, Sven Johne, Andre Lützen, Cecil McDonald Jr., Emeka Ogboh, and Taryn Simon. This exhibition is produced in collaboration between Goethe-Institut Chicago and the Museum of Contemporary Photography, held on-site at the museum.