(c) 2015 maisiecousins.
(c) 2015 maisiecousins. 

Rubbish, Dipping Sause, Grass, Peonie, Bum - Maisie Cousins

13/03/2020 - 31/05/2020

Fotografiska Stockholm 
Stadsgårdshamnen 22 
S-116 45 Stockholm


The series are gathered and intertwined, along with a book by the same name, into an imaginative completeness complimented by a fourth series Mercado, and a video work. It’s a series where ntuition takes on the roll as guide, where no one can predict, or even define what it is this artist and photographer has created with her visually stunning impressions. By some it’s considered disgusting, by others brilliantly fascinating. For Cousins however, it doesn’t matter. She is simply following her intuition, and it may take her wherever it wishes in those hyperreal compositions that depict everyday objects from domestic environments transformed into hallucinogenic images, for us to take part of with our own imagination.