River, 2017 Archival pigment print 40 x 53.3 inches
River, 2017 Archival pigment print 40 x 53.3 inches 

Ron Jude: 12 Hz

25/08/2018 - 17/11/2018

2525 Michigan Ave., a2 
90404 Santa Monica


Gallery Luisotti is pleased to present Ron Jude: 12 Hz. The title of the exhibition references the limits of human perception—12 Hz is the lowest sound threshold of human hearing. It suggests imperceptible forces, from plate tectonics to the ocean tides, from cycles of growth and decay in the forest, to the incomprehensibility of geological spans of time. The photographs in 12 Hz allude to the ungraspable scale and veiled mechanics of these phenomena, while acknowledging a desire to gain a broader perspective, beyond the human enterprise, in a time of ecological and political crisis