Roger Eberhard | Escapism

08/09/2023 - 21/10/2023

Linienstraße 107 
10115 Berlin


In Switzerland, if you order coffee, it invariably comes with a portion of cream served in a small, brown plastic pot sealed with a peel-off foil lid. Since 1968, these lids have always featured a photograph. Over the years, a never-ending array of thousands of series of small images have circulated throughout the country and have formed an important part of the people’s collective visual memory.
Roger Eberhard appropriates these pictures using a high-resolution camera to create extreme close-ups. The final print is an enlarged reinterpretation of the original photograph, the CMYK color separation process is revealed. These patterns show the ink that constitutes the reproduction dot by dot, as with a multitude of brushstrokes. These patterns blur the lines between painting and photography, digital and analog, past and future.
Works by Roger Eberhard (*1984 Zurich, Switzerland) are exhibited internationally and can be found in important collections both public and private. The book to the series is published by Édition Images Vevey. Roger Eberhard lives and works in Stallikon (CH).