Risaku Suzuki – Light of Spring

16/03/2023 - 03/06/2023

Dufourstrasse 31 
8008 Zurich


Christophe Guye Galerie is thrilled to announce Risaku Suzuki's (*1963, Japan) fourth solo exhibition 'Light of Spring' at the gallery. The exhibition shows works from three different series – 'White', 'Sakura' and 'Water Mirror' – and explores the crucial period of the year when the quiet and monotony of winter gives way to the burgeoning of spring and later to the lushness of summer. The photographic subjects range from snowy, blurred trees to blurry budding cherry blossoms and water surfaces overgrown with greenery. But rather than the awakening of life, the focus lies on the fragmentary passage and flow of time, on the crystallization of single moments.