Rien n’est seulement ce qu’il paraît

07/04/2023 - 22/07/2023

Galerie Le Réverbère 
38 rue burdeau 
69001 Lyon


 For the fourth time, we renew the proposal of a carte blanche to one of our photographers. This is a fine demonstration of their generosity and a stimulating opportunity to create a debate and an exchange between their practices, the works and the public. 
Beatrix von Conta has chosen to invite the photographers Françoise Saur (first woman to receive the Niépce Prize in 1979) and Éric Bouttier to share the gallery space with her. The title of the exhibition, Rien n'est seulement ce qu'il paraît, invites a dialogue between Beatrix von Conta's Dans le Miroir des sources (Grand Est, une Mission Photographique 2019-2020, book published by Poursuite, 2021), Françoise Saur's Compositions sur le marbre (fragments of a series produced between 2015 and 2021) and Eric Bouttier's Journal photographique en cinémascope (excerpts from an ongoing diary from 2008).