Rey Parlá, Kinetic Lumino 5, C-Print, Unique, 2016 Courtesy the Artist and Benrubi Gallery
Rey Parlá, Kinetic Lumino 5, C-Print, Unique, 2016 Courtesy the Artist and Benrubi Gallery 

Rey Parla - Multiplicities

22/03/2018 - 12/05/2018

521 West 26th Street 
Floor 2 
10001 New York   

Benrubi Gallery presents Multiplicities, the gallery’s first solo exhibition by Brooklyn-based artist, Rey Parlá.

In Multiplicities, Párla blurs the line between the image and the process, between intuition and surprise. The resulting works reflect the viewer's psyche and the artist’s subconscious. Parlá’s work is reminiscent of Lucas Samaras’s scratched Polaroids or Stan Brakhage's painted films, filled with dynamic fluid forms that continually invite and rebuff identification and interpretation. Parlá’s mixed-media approach to identity and interest in pluralism and doing away with boundaries is evident in works like Shaped By Desire (2016) or Kinetic Lumino #7 (2018).

Some subjects are intensely reworked—manually manipulated, photographed, or scanned until the original object is subsumed beneath layers of abstraction. The photographs become object and subject, or, as Parlá says: “The works for Multiplicities are the hybrid imprints of my soul and evidence of the passage of time. These created worlds are a reflection of me—self-portraits of my own multiplicity.” Maintaining a constant aesthetic has not been the aim in creating his mixed-media works. and Parlá wears his influences on his sleeve. An Ellsworth Kelly–inspired grid of 64 different colored 4 x 5 inch negatives inhabits the Project Space. In the main gallery, a black-and-white transparency mounted onto glow paper is surrounded by silver-gelatin prints, scanned prints, and a large-scale painting. The lines he creates during his process not only scratch the surface of some of his negatives but also dig deep into the history and future of the medium, challenge our notion of what a photograph actually communicates: a view of an object removed in time and space.