Tarrah Krajnak, Self-Portrait as Weston/as Charis Wilson, 1936/2020
Tarrah Krajnak, Self-Portrait as Weston/as Charis Wilson, 1936/2020 

Refracting Histories

05/12/2022 - 02/04/2023

Museum of Contemporary Photography (MoCP) 

Refracting Histories features eight artists looking critically at the traditional canon within the history of photography. Each artist challenges, probes, or deconstructs well-known art historical legacies, revealing the contributions of overlooked makers as well as pervasive discrimination that maintains the status quo. While some artists appropriate well-known works into new forms, others set up a constructed environment to visualize lost histories. Collectively, the exhibition honors the malleable nature of photography as a fitting medium to redirect, reinterpret, and expand upon prescribed doctrines.
Exhibiting artists include Tarrah Krajnak, Aaron Turner, Sonja Thomsen, Colleen Keihm, Tom Jones, Nona Faustine, Kelli Connell, and Natalie Krick.