Reed Now : Future Star, 2023
Reed Now : Future Star, 2023 
Pu Yingwei

05/11/2023 - 22/12/2023

Galerie SATOR 
8, passage des gravilliers 
(Enter by le 10 rue Chapon) 
75003 Paris

Born in China in 1989, Pu Yingwei studied at the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute (2013) and the École nationale des Beaux-Arts de Lyon (2018). He lives and works in Beijing. An active member of the new generation of Chinese conceptual art, Pu Yingwei combines and develops the visual and ideological heritage of socialist art, the early Chinese avant-garde and contemporary Western art to form a unique vocabulary with a common historical perspective. Since his time in France, he has focused more specifically on post-colonial themes. As the tools used to analyse Chinese art relied on a post-Marxist or post-structuralist interpretation, they had to be replaced by a new set of values and understandings. His artistic practice spans painting, writing, design conception, curating, performance and conferences. In his latest work, Pu Yingwei focuses even more on the history of global revolution and resistance, and further integrates a variety of local cultures to construct an inspiring and engaging working context of ‘New Internationalism’.