Jane Evelyn Atwood - Pigalle people serie
Jane Evelyn Atwood - Pigalle people serie 

Pigalle people - Jane Evelyn Atwood

10/10/2019 - 30/11/2019

21 rue Las Cases 
75007 Paris


With twenty black & white silver prints, Jane Evelyn Atwood reveals the life of the transsexuals from Pigalle in the 1980s.
From her first reports, Jane Evelyn Atwood asked the question of distance, as much the one that separates her from her subject as the one that is fixed, often spontaneously, between a spectator and a photograph. This is the case with Pigalle People, directed in 1978 and 1979, just after Rue des Lombards (Xavier Barral, 2010), focusing on Blondine, a girl of joy with a big heart. Pigalle, therefore, still in its Parisian juice, populated by bonneteurs, cops and boxers, merchants of chestnuts and second-hand wrestlers, tourists strolling around the Moulin Rouge and those who were long considered part of the local folklore, the transsexuals.