Taharqa et la nuit #1 - - © Juliette Agnel
Taharqa et la nuit #1 - - © Juliette Agnel 
Photography At Any Prize. A Year of Photography Prizes at the BnF

12/12/2023 - 24/03/2024

Bibliothèque nationale de France 
Quai François Mauriac 
75013 Paris


Through its support for the major photographic prizes - the Prix Niépce, the Prix Nadar, the Bourse du Talent and, since 2023, the Prix Camera Clara - the BnF is demonstrating its commitment to the entire ecosystem of the photographic world - photographers, printmakers, publishers, associations, collectors and galleries who, in France, contribute to the emergence and promotion of a body of work.

For the third year running, BnF is presenting a selection of prints by the winners of these partner awards, in an exhibition destined to become an annual rendezvous for photography enthusiasts.