Vilmos Zsigmond
Vilmos Zsigmond 

Photographed by Vilmos Zsigmond

08/11/2019 - 20/12/2019

Institut hongrois 
92, rue Bonaparte 
75006 Paris   

Opening : November 7th at 7pm
Vilmos Zsigmond, the Hungarian born, world-wide known cinematographer, whose life-work was recognised with an Academy Award and several other prestigious international film awards, is known among others for films such as Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Deer Hunter or The Black Dahlia. The trade-mark of Vilmos Zsigmond’s works is the inventive and creative use of lighting and artistic application of light. Due to his unique style, his works show a rich diversity: his images are poetic at a time, realistic at another, with both an attention to detail and a grandiose vision.