Peter Knapp, For Courrèges, Thoiry, 1979 © Peter Knapp
Peter Knapp, For Courrèges, Thoiry, 1979 © Peter Knapp 
Peter Knapp. Mon temps

03/02/2024 - 26/05/2024

Musée de la Photographie 
Place des Essarts 
11, avenue Paul Pastur 
6032 Charleroi   

When Hélène Lazareff, the founder of Elle, asked Peter Knapp to develop the magazine’s editorial line in 1959, she used Harper’s Bazaar as her counter-example. Gone were the days of icy chic, of models frozen in the studio lights or on the marble stairs of an haute couture house. With Elle, it was all about ready-to-wear clothes that liberated forms, that liberated women. Peter Knapp directed the magazine into a visual dynamic that challenged conventional layout grids, drawing on his training as a graphic designer and typographer as well as on his painting skills. Through the magazines that were their vehicles, fashion photography helped to shape the way people looked at things and to familiarize them with the language of photography. Today, photography is exhibited and collected, and it has entered museum collections and is regularly the subject of major exhibitions, bearing witness to an era as much as to its artistic dimension.