Dune Varela, Les Genoux, 2023
Dune Varela, Les Genoux, 2023 

26/10/2023 - 23/12/2023


Dune Varela is an artist dedicated to photography in its dual dimension of testimony and alterable material. Playing with the intertwining of times and eras, she works with the image as if it were a ruin, a relic, caught in the movement of speculative archaeology and a history that is as much written as it is erased or fragmented.
Moving away from traditional photographic prints on the flat paper surface, Dune Varela prints or mounts them on new materials such as ceramics, aluminum, glass, concrete, and, more recently, marble. The experimentation aims to create a mise en abyme of the representation and image of symbolic, historical, and political landscapes; thus facilitating a dialogue between mediums and sources, memory and history, images and temporalities.
The grains of black and white photography play with the grooves of marble. Fragments of ancient sculptures emerge, as if endowed with a new body. These are « images of places that have been photographed many times before, which carry within them a connection to mystery, symbolism, and the beyond » explains Dune Varela, who, like these buildings — often rebuilt and destroyed — intervenes in the different layers of the image.