© Anthony Marchetti, PAUL, Paul, 2016, Courtesy TOBE Gallery
© Anthony Marchetti, PAUL, Paul, 2016, Courtesy TOBE Gallery 
© Anthony Marchetti    PAUL    Paul’s gift, 2017    Courtesy TOBE Gallery
© Anthony Marchetti    PAUL    Camp, 2016    Courtesy TOBE Gallery

PAUL - Anthony Marchetti

25/05/2021 - 03/07/2021

Tobe Gallery 
Bródy Sándor u. 36 
1088 Budapest


A story built brick by brick, of hypothetical and existing locations, but also of people found randomly. Anthony Marchetti recreated how his maternal grandmother and her family fled Hungary in 1945, as Russian armies advanced from the east. Looking at this series of photographs we come to understand that the journey is within us – something we only realise when we first take the detours of memory. In the past and present of hopelessness, photographs, as fragments of hope, indeed mean hope.