Paolo Ventura, Behind the wall #05, 2011 – ©Paolo Ventura
Paolo Ventura, Behind the wall #05, 2011 – ©Paolo Ventura 
Paolo Ventura, GR. Mare Tirreno, 2020 – ©Paolo Ventura
Paolo Ventura, P.G.R. Rozzano, 2019 – ©Paolo Ventura

Paola Ventura

01/11/2020 - 20/12/2020

Galerie XII 
14 rue des Jardins Saint-Paul 
75004 Paris   

In 2006, when Paolo Ventura presented War Souvenir, the project that earned him international recognition, the world of photography had completed the journey that led to what many theorists defined as “post-photography”. In his new works, the decor gradually moves away from figurative realism. Photography is enriched with new elements, painting and collages. Colored tiles form a backdrop which we feel can accommodate the most incredible. Ventura achieves a total creative freedom, while keeping this magical element that bears his mark. And offers us moments of wonder that we continue to hope for from art.