25/03/2023 - 06/05/2023

7, rue Pastourelle 
75003 Paris   

The title of English artist Nina Mae Fowler’s solo exhibition, “Just a little piece of leather stripped off the skin of life,” is borrowed from a note handwritten by Marlon Brando, one of cinema’s most celebrated icons, at the Elysée Hotel in New York. Inspired by the American actor’s poetic message, Fowler connects it to her latest series of drawings, whose themes examine celebrity, fame, sexuality, and secrecy. Trained in sculpture at the University of Brighton, Fowler is best known for her black-and-white drawings. Fascinated by Hollywood’s Golden Age from a young age, she has developed a powerful practice dealing with female archetypes, particularly those of actresses in Hollywood culture. Using archival press footage and scenes from classic movies, Fowler works on the construction of images, accentuating the cinematic rendering of her works. As in an editing room, she rewinds, pauses, and edits obsessively, confidently taking details from different stills and assembling them on paper.