Kumo II 2019 © Paul Cupido Kozo li
Kumo II 2019 © Paul Cupido Kozo li 
River Runs Always diptych 2019 ©  Paul-Cupido

Mukayu - Paul Cupido

29/10/2020 - 24/01/2021

tolstraat 67 
2000 Antwerp


IBASHO presents the exhibition Mukayu by the Dutch photographer Paul Cupido and the launch of his book Mukayu published by the (M)éditions & IBASHO.
Mukayu has been Cupido's spiritual guideline during his most recent travels to Japan, resulting in his latest series to be exhibited and published. The concept of mukayu is beautifully explained in a quote by the famous Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi, who lived 2,300 years ago: "An empty room will be filled with light because of its emptiness." Mukayu also refers to 'non-existence', 'not having a purpose', or 'things as they are'.
Mukayu is part of the larger framework of Mu, a philosophical concept that could be translated as 'does not have', but is equally open to countless interpretations. Mu can be considered a void, but one that is full of potential. 
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