Bert Stern - Marilyn Monroe: From The Last Sitting, 1962 (Crucifix III)
Bert Stern - Marilyn Monroe: From The Last Sitting, 1962 (Crucifix III) 

'Moda & Cinema'

28/10/2017 - 31/01/2018

Via Trieste, 48 
25121 Brescia


Through a selection of famous visuals from the world of the fashion and movie, the show “Moda & Cinema” aims to suggest a journey in the changes of taste and habits whose main character were from one side everlasting icons, subject of the images, but from the other side also the same photographers, real masters in recognizing, and sometimes anticipating, these signals of transformation. Thinking to align all the works on view to a common line it’s impossible: each of them, however, because of its peculiarities, reveals us a polyhedric slice of ways to be, to dress, to strike a pose, to be icons of their time that changes together with the passing of years.

Starting point will obviously be the legendary images of two as legendary photographers such as Douglas Kirkland and Bert Stern, portraitists of the most famous Hollywood stars. With regard to Kirland’s production, his unforgettable shots of Marilyn Monroe are still today among the most beautiful memories of the actress. Extraordinary was his photo shoot produced in 1961 for “Look Magazine”: an only twenty-four-year-old Kirkland immortalizes the divine Marilyn Monroe laying on bed and wrapped up only in white sheets, converting her in the sexiest icon ever. No less catchy are his portraits of Audrey Hepburn, icon of glamour and style whose untarnished beauty, characterized by a smile of adolescent memory, has been exalted also in some photographs of the mature age done by Gilles Bensimon. There will be a lot of other authors who will take a portrait of the beautiful British actress, each of them using their own charm and personality: Henry Wolf, André Sas, Daniel Cande, Terry O’Neill, Angus McBean. Bert Stern, on the contrary, has the honour of having portrayed the ultimate star Marilyn Monroe in August 1962, in the six weeks before her tragic death on the occasion of a photo shoot for Vogue, the photographs of which has been collected in the great portfolio “Marilyn Monroe: The complete Last Sitting”, published posthumous in 1982. In those shots the actress appears alluring even though fragile; she will die shortly after, gripped by the interior demons that made her despise his own figure and that had an impact on some of Bert Stern’s most famous photographs: she will mark some proofs with a coloured marker as if it were a self- punishment to inflict to herself.

Very famous are also some photographs of Italian authors such as Pierluigi Praturlon, Pietro Pascuttini and Tazio Secchiaroli, main characters of the Dolce Vita that animated the Tiber embankment in the ages of the economic boom and that contributed to consecrate the myth of some great personalities such as Sophia Loren, Claudia Cardinale, Anita Ekgberg, Elsa Martinelli, Brigitte Bardot...