Vue de l'exposition
Vue de l'exposition 
Metamorphosis and metaphors. The abyss. And rising from it Reuven Israel | Panos Tsagaris

04/11/2023 - 22/12/2023


Every exhibition is a small fragment of the world we explore, in this case what you see is akin to a map of conversations and dialogues which have shaped the better part of three years. Intentionally, I start this text with something of a metaphor, that “akin to a map” certainly won’t satisfy the more acute observer. There is nothing “like” a map in this assemblage of gestures and objects, there is nothing “like” a snake in the sinuous forms you face in some of the works in front of you, neither anything “like” a spiritual trajectory crystalised in the form of objects. What there is instead is the immediacy of the works produced by the two artists, Reuven Israel and Panos Tsagkaris, the physical form these objects take and their capacity to affect the space around them. I say so to point to the importance these have in transmitting to us fragments, individual instances of change, which have taken place over the course of our dialogues leading up to this exhibition.