01/04/2023 - 22/04/2023

Nicholas Metivier 
190 Richmond Street East 
ON M5A 1P1 Toronto   

Seeing is Knowing continues Medrie MacPhee’s acclaimed series that transforms second hand clothing into an intricate matrix that acts as the foundation for her paintings. Several years ago, she had a breakthrough when she pinned a single sock to a canvas. A major breach in her sensibility, it opened up a new way of working that resisted figurative representation. Instead of looking into space like a window, the collaged fabric brings the focus to the surface. Her recent works engage with the world in different ways, including its references to the body.


MacPhee’s titles help to illustrate her intuitive thought process, connecting abstraction to reality. A rope-like, linear work titled Eva, is an homage to Eva Hesse while a monochromatic blue painting punctuated by two small yellow squares is titled, Canary, (as in the canary in the coal mine metaphor). In other works, she alludes the act of making. I’m Staying, a painting that includes a large section of exposed plaid fabric, protests its inevitable painted surface, and wins.