Mathieu Pernot, Beyrouth, 2020
Mathieu Pernot, Beyrouth, 2020 

Mathieu Pernot – La ruine de sa demeure

08/03/2022 - 19/06/2022

Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson 
79 Rue des Archives 
75003 Paris   

Winner of the 2019 HCB Prize, Mathieu Pernot presents at the HCB Foundation La ruine de sa demeure, a photographic itinerary divided between Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. His grandfather's travel album, made in 1926, is the starting point and outlines the itinerary followed from Beirut to Mosul, between the ruins of the thousand-year-old civilisations of the Middle East and those of the tragedies of recent history. With a sensibility close to that of a documentary, Mathieu Pernot unveils a dialectic work that questions the juxtaposition of the narratives of history and those of his family history.