"Untitled" from serie "On the Silence of Myth". Photo Maja Daniels
"Untitled" from serie "On the Silence of Myth". Photo Maja Daniels 
Maja Daniels. On the Silence of Myth

09/11/2023 - 14/01/2024

Institut suédois 
11 Rue Payenne 
75003 Paris


Opening on Thursday, November 9, 5-7pm

The photographer and video maker Maja Daniels likes to play with the boundaries between documentary and fiction. Referring to an old story of a young girl accused of witchcraft in a village in Dalecarlia, she combines past and present, myth and reality, and challenges the course of history. The exhibition at the Institut suédois reveals some of the most intriguing photographs from the series On the Silence of Myth, which was first shown in Sweden in 2023.