Iceberg #3, Disko Bay, Greenland, 1988
Iceberg #3, Disko Bay, Greenland, 1988 

Lynn Davis: Landmark

28/09/2019 - 02/11/2019

Stockerstrasse 33 
8002 Zurich   

The gallery Edwynn Houk presents the exhibition Landmark by Lynn Davis.
Davis made her first voyage to Greenland in 1986, and has since traversed the continents seeking out majestic forms in landmarks of both natural and human achievement, from the Arctic Circle’s monumental ice formations and the world’s largest waterfalls in Brazil and Argentina, to the ancient pyramids of Giza and the architectural relics of Palmyra. Davis has a singular ability to distill the extraordinary sites she photographs to their most essential formal elements, and this minimalist sensibility has become a defining characteristic that distinguishes her perspective from any other landscape or architectural photography