Lukas Hoffmann, Bush Terminal Park II, NYC, 2016.
Lukas Hoffmann, Bush Terminal Park II, NYC, 2016. 

Lukas Hoffmann - Staring at the scenery

04/11/2017 - 23/12/2017

42 - 44 rue de Montmorency 
75003 Paris   

I was an artist in residence in New York City for the four months from September till December 2016. My intention for this photographic project was to avoid producing yet more of the well-known, repetitive images of the city’s spectacular architectural motifs. I wanted to produce neither representative subject matter nor a series of impersonal, distant perspectives. In this sense, I did not want to photograph architecture in terms of monuments, nor landscapes as settings. My interest lay in the specificities of the urban and industrial landscape, such as overflowing vegetation or slow decay and the structures underpinning architectural forms.
Framing the images allows tensions between the chaotic wealth of shapes and the organization of the landscape to become visible. Processes of formation, which mark the face of the landscape, are present in my photographs without being the explicit subject matter. I sought areas in which natural and architectural spaces seeped together, and I found them in the industrial districts around the NewYork waterways and shores.
Lukas Hoffmann