Un feu, 2023
Un feu, 2023 

06/11/2023 - 23/12/2023

Nathalie Obadia 
18, rue du Bourg-Tibourg 
75004 Paris


Gathered around a table, a group of political leaders and experts on global warming are locked in the final phase of crucial discussions involving the future of mankind; It's five in the morning and the negotiations have reached a deadlock. On the outskirts of a town in northern France, five young Africans huddle around a fire, the flames of which seem to be about to erupt into a mythological creature. 
These two photographic tableaux, around which the exhibition is based, depict situations that never actually existed. They have been assembled by the photographer from fragments drawn from reality, or acted out by protagonists in their own "roles". Yet these imaginary representations are made from the very substance of reality; in each case an act of reportage was the initial circumstance.
Luc Delahaye's working process begins, in the temporality of the snapshot, with the production of documents that serve as the imprints from which, back in the studio, the work of the imagination replaces the experience of reality. Each composition takes on a narrative power that arises from this interweaving. The photographic tableau, the space of a contemplative experience, simultaneously establishes the conditions for critical reflection.