Cosmic Portal, 2018
Cosmic Portal, 2018 

Liz Nielsen

25/10/2018 - 07/12/2018

95 Rivington Street 
10002 New York   

Danziger Gallery is pleased to announce our second show of work by Liz Nielsen.  Focusing on two of Nielsen’s many visual tropes – Stone Stacks and Portals -  the exhibition focuses on a number of variations of what could loosely be described as rock formations and triangles or flames.
The title of this show “HotSpots” refers to both a place of significant activity or possibly danger (in the current political climate what abstraction could not be interpreted this way) as well as to the ever-expanding reach and potential of the photographic medium. As with all of Nielsen’s work – each piece is a reflection of art’s power to deliver spaces of transcendence in between the figurative and the abstract.
Nielsen’s work joins and adds to the historical tradition of the photogram – one of the medium’s earliest processes – and one of increasing interest in the world of contemporary art and color photography. Simply described, a photogram is an image created without a camera by placing objects or shining light directly onto photographic paper and developing the paper. Each picture is by nature unique - a record of the moment or event created by the artist.