Picture from 'Le hasard funambule' series by Juanan Requena
Picture from 'Le hasard funambule' series by Juanan Requena 
Le hasard funambule - Juanan Requena

17/05/2024 - 28/06/2024

Galerie VU 
Hôtel Paul Delaroche 
58, rue Saint-Lazare 
75009 Paris


The exhibition “Le hasard funambule” by Juanan Requena at Galerie VU’ showcases a collection of unique small prints that reflect the Spanish photographer’s poetic approach. His works, both delicate and contemplative, explore the fragile balance between reality and fiction, as well as photography and poetry. He is a nomadic photographer who thrives on wandering, not only because his photographs are the fruit of his walks and rambles, but also because he creates a universe where he wanders within the flow of his images and between his images.