Laurent Millet, #2, série Hespérides, 2023
Laurent Millet, #2, série Hespérides, 2023 
Laurent Millet - Jardin d’après nature

29/02/2024 - 04/05/2024

19 rue Charlemagne 
75004 Paris   

Galerie Binome presents the exhibition 'Jardin d’après nature' by Laurent Millet from February 29 to May 04, 2024.

« Jardin d’après nature »: such a somew­hat para­doxi­cal title, sugges­ting the idea of extrac­ting some­thing from reality, isola­ting, perhaps magni­fying, preser­ving, redra­wing, esta­blishes a link between Laurent Millet’s three series on show here. Hespérides (2023), Brion Vega, hommage à Scarpa (2020) and Schloss Im Wald zu Bauen (2012) all evoke nature. In each case, howe­ver, it’s a nature we can neither inha­bit nor even touch. It escapes our grasp, but is embo­died and alive in the images.