Lalla Essaydi, Conflicted Identities #5, 2023
Lalla Essaydi, Conflicted Identities #5, 2023 
Lalla Essaydi - Conflicted Identities

11/04/2024 - 27/07/2024

3115 East Shadowlawn Avenue 
30305 Atlanta   

In "Conflicted Identities," Lalla Essaydi explores the complexities of cultural identity within the context of Islamic culture. Born in Morocco in 1956, Essaydi's work reflects her own experiences growing up in a postcolonial society grappling with issues of tradition, modernity, and gender. She challenges conventional representations of women in Islamic art, reclaiming their narratives and agency. Central to the series is Essaydi's use of beer bottle caps to construct colonial dresses for her models, a powerful metaphor for the intersection of tradition and modernity, East and West.