Untitled (Marsha), Kate Nolan, 2022
Untitled (Marsha), Kate Nolan, 2022 
Kate Nolan. LACUNA ( 2016-2022)

10/11/2023 - 22/12/2023

Centre culturel irlandais 
5, rue des Irlandais 
75005 Paris


LACUNA (2016-2022) is a multi-disciplinary exhibition by Irish visual artist Kate Nolan that considers the physical and psychological impact of partition on young people of the Irish borderlands. Without realising it, one can step into another county and, now, into or out of the European Union. In collaboration with, and guided by, young people forgotten by the politics of boundaries, Nolan explores the notion of the border as a liminal space. She focuses on extended photographic stories that examine the nature of identity. Drawn to in-between places, she is intrigued by the effects of shifting histories of areas in flux. Exhibition curated by Natasha Christia.