21/10/2023 - 

Kuckei + Kuckei 
Linienstraße 158 
10115 Berlin


Can you pick me up?

Juno Rothaug’s works entice viewers into an expansive and enigmatic space permeated by a densely packed web of art historical and literary references, which the artist wittily merges together with a consummate degree of painterly skill, enigmatically imbuing them with new meanings. Rothaug mixes themes and topoi from various eras of art and literary history with her own subjective experiences in an engaging and strongly conceptual painting process that reflects her ideas on the relationship between artwork and tradition, as well as between artist, work, and recipient.

Sketches of historical works Rothaug creates from both originals and reproductions serve as her starting point. These sketches then function as templates for new sketches, which in turn become templates for others, until she brings this process to a conclusion and transfers a final sketch onto canvas. Taking place already at this stage is a productive adaptation of the original image, which is simultaneously also a transformation: by repeatedly overwriting the original with her subjectivity, so to speak, she dislodges it from its established position in tradition and situates it in a new context of meaning that opens up a wide range of possible interpretations. In the actual painting process, Rothaug pushes this productive destruction further and further beyond itself: just like a trace in the sand is washed over by the tide, constantly taking on new forms and meanings for the viewer, the original sketch vanishes under abstract areas of applied and smudged paint.