Jochen Lempert, "Lyren II", 2013
Jochen Lempert, "Lyren II", 2013 

Jochen Lempert - Luminescences

11/05/2022 - 29/08/2022

Centre Pompidou 
Place Georges Pompidou 
75004 Paris   

The work of German photographer Jochen Lempert (b. 1958), imbued with images of nature where animals and plants rub shoulders, combines the rigour of scientific observation with the delicacy of poetry. The retrospective exhibition allows us to discover the whole of his career, and to put it in resonance with some of the historical pieces preserved by the Musée national d'art moderne - from the scientific work of Anna Atkins or Karl Blossfeldt to the surrealist images of Jacques-André Boiffard, via the prints of Jean Painlevé in particular. Translated with (free version)