jacopo mazzonelli A Room

10/10/2023 - 06/01/2024

Galleria studio G7 

Studio G7 is glad to present A ROOM, the first personal exhibition by Jacopo Mazzonelli hosted by the gallery. After ISORYTHM, the bi-personal exhibition of 2019 together with Giulio Paolini and curated by Bettina Della Casa, Mazzonelli comes into the space by creating the so-called “ideal room of music”.
The title of the project intentionally quotes a composition by John Cage and is linked, in this case, to the theme of the domestic objects owned by the musician. Through an attentive selection of unpublished works created for the exhibition, Mazzonelli moves around this space by evoking the daily exercise of the executor and the relation between the intention behind the gesture and the production of the sound.
The exhibition, complemented by a critical text by Francesca Guerisoli, opens the Gallery’s 50th year of activity.
During the exhibition A ROOM, you will also find in the gallery the new monography of the artist, Double silence, curated by Daniela Ferrari, a project by Volker W. Feierabend, Manfredi Edizioni.